PMPA: Your Business Assurance

With the cost of PMPA dues less than one quarter of a percent of your company’s sales, your dues purchase of PMPA assurance is money well spent to assure your business sustainability and provide you with personal peace of mind.


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Managing a business today demands intelligently managing a lot of risk: market risk, regulatory risk, performance risk. Our days are filled with the challenges of trying to understand new issues, maximize outcomes and minimize risks.

We manage our businesses in the midst of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Being a manager today is a high-wire act, with terrible consequences if we misstep.

PMPA helps you intelligently manage risk in today’s increasingly complex and threatening environment. PMPA provides you and your business with assurance so that you can confidently meet the challenges that you face.

Regulatory Assurance: Our diligence on regulatory issues and sense-making on regulations help PMPA members assure compliance and avoid severe penalties. We also continue to be effective in our efforts in Washington and around the country to assure that new regulations do not increase the burden on your shop.

Technology Assurance: Our National Technical Conference, Precision Machining Technology Show and local chapter meetings assure that you are aware of the latest developments in technology for our industry.

Business Assurance: Our statistical and financial surveys and reports assure that your evaluation of your business performance has solid industry annual and monthly benchmarks to use for comparison. Is your company’s performance an anomaly or is it tracking with the industry? PMPA members know.

Operating Assurance: What is an hour of lost machine time worth? How about a day, a week or a couple of weeks? PMPA members understand that our collective goal is to maintain and grow manufacturing in North America. When a fellow member has an operating problem and needs a collet, gage or part that is unavailable due to extended lead times, our Listserves provide answers and in most cases the loan of the needed tool or gage from another PMPA member.

Customer Assurance: When a crisis hits, your attention is split between getting your shop back into operation and maintaining delivery to customers. PMPA offers a disaster recovery plan to help you find capable providers to step in and assure deliveries to customers by providing manufacturing assistance.

Continuous Improvement Assurance: If we aren’t improving, we know that we are falling behind. PMPA provides continuous improvement assurance by providing thought leadership, training and knowledge retention content as well as distributed problem-solving to raise the level of understanding of all members. Listserves, white papers, special reports, web resources (including our industry-focused blog PMPASpeakingOfPrecision.com) and programming at local and national meetings, all help PMPA assure that your people and their knowledge is advancing, not just standing still.

Management Assurance: PMPA staff is always available to assure that you have professional assistance in whatever area you need it. All of our national meetings provide content aimed at developing the skills of management attendees. We have focused, management listserves that provide resources in various areas of management practice, including corporate, human resources and CEO to name a few. And staff expertise to assure that you get the assistance that you need.

What is the ROI of belonging to PMPA? The cost of PMPA assurance is far less than you spend for the various “insurance” products in your budget. Considerably less than one quarter of a percent of your company’s sales, your dues investment with PMPA provides PMPA assurance to assure the sustainability of your business and provide you with both assistance, as needed when needed, and personal peace of mind.