2/20/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

Skills Development for Precision Machinists

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The precision machining industry relies on the best and the brightest people in manufacturing to produce safety-critical parts for numerous applications. There is not a trade that has more advanced tools, machinery or skills. PMPA’s 2012 National Technical Conference has been designed to further develop the technical, quality and managerial talents of the people in your shop.

Whether formal or informal, we all have “degrees” in our technical expertise. Your shop relies on skilled and talented employees to make the mission-critical components that your customers demand. Continuous improvement of your people and processes is not an option—it is a mandate. This conference provides the training you need to further enhance your trade expertise.

Take a look at the following program summary. Note the two certification workshops. Both include multiple sessions designed to provide concentrated, in-depth training. A certificate will be provided to participants who complete these sessions.

Certification Workshops

1. Critical Process Thinking in the Quality Profession
• Part 1 – Problem-Solving Tools
• Part 2 – The Relationship Between Lean, Problem-Solving and Continuous Improvement
• Part 3 – “Nemawashi” –
Choosing the Best Solution(s)
2. Leadership Gold
• Part 1 – Awareness and Personal Development
• Part 2 – People/Team Development

Track Programming

Sessions are targeted at three groups of personnel: Technical, Quality and Management. Examples of these programs include:
Technical Track
• Automation and Robotics
• Latest Technologies – A Video
• Process Engineering – The
Quoting Process
• Less Chips = More Profits
• Honing the “Tool Whisperer”
in You
• Shop Safety – A Photo Tour
• Knurling and Broaching
• Non-Traditional Processes
Quality Track
• PPAP – Real-World Value
• GD&T – Orientation Tolerances
• In-Process Inspection Techniques
Management Track
• Putting More Power in
Your Hour
• Tablets/Mobile Technologies on
the Floor
• Dashboard Measurements
• Preparing a Generation of
Skilled Workers

Technical Member Exhibit Tables
• More than 70 exhibitors will be
available for you to discuss the
latest technology.
See you in Wheeling, Ill. Website:
pmpa.org/meetings/techconf/ Questions: Call Monte Guitar at 440-526-0300. For further conference details, please visit our website, PMPA.org