Small Parts Manufacturing Sees PMPA Membership Benefits from the Work Floor to the White House


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Small Parts Manufacturing, in business since 1946, is committed to providing its customers with quality machined parts. Today, the company uses the latest technology with 27 multi-spindle, high-speed screw machines and some single-spindle screw machines with a CNC department, milling and secondary machines, to produce superior-quality products for a variety of markets.

“Small Parts is able to offer our customers opportunities for quantities, including low-quantity runs for prototype parts with CNC and our turning department, as well as for large capacity runs with our multi-spindle department,” says Stuart Van Riette, who handles sales, marketing and human resources at Small Parts Manufacturing. “Our capabilities allow us to provide 100 percent perfect products and ensure our customers of that.”

According to Mr. Van Riette, the ability to guarantee the high quality products to customers in diverse markets is because of the multiple machine configurations and setups, as well as industry education. Small Parts serves OEMs in the trucking, hydraulics, medical, military and automotive industries.

“We have a diversified shop, which makes us stable,” Mr. Van Riette explains. “The Small Parts name may be deceiving since we do make some large parts. Our capabilities are always changing with new technology, but right now our maximum capacity is 10 inches in the CNC department.”

Small Parts has been a member of PMPA for 55 years and finds valuable opportunities through its membership in the areas of education, technical support and operational guidance.

“It’s a comfortable feeling to have PMPA there supporting us. It helps me know in my job that I’m doing things the right way,” Mr. Van Riette says. “We can trust in the impressive integrity and knowledge base that PMPA provides, which is why we have continued to maintain our membership for so many years and will continue to do so in the future.”

PMPA’s political involvement, including lobbying and providing public policy guidance, lends another layer of support for Small Parts.

“Getting involved with the politics and policy issues for our industry is a daunting task that can be a bit unpleasant,” Mr. Van Riette explains. “The efforts that PMPA makes in Washington on behalf of the entire precision machining industry helps us know that we’re accomplishing something through the representatives from across the United States and PMPA’s people.”

Mr. Van Riette explains that other membership benefits include smaller details, for example, where to find raw materials, OSHA updates and legal information.

“Overall, the value of membership is excellent,” Mr. Van Riette summarizes. “The benefits are important to Small Parts, the price is reasonable, and there’s a support factor that we value knowing that PMPA stands by us.”    

Small Parts Manufacturing Co. Inc. is located at 4401 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97211. Phone: 800-783-8573. Fax: 503-288-4753.