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"Speaking of Precision" is a podcast from industry expert Miles Free III in which he talks about precision machining. All episodes can be found on major platforms.


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Episodes of “Speaking of Precision” with PMPA’s Miles Free III include:

  • White House Candidates on Environmental, H.R. & Training Policies
  • White House Candidates on Trade & Taxes
  • 2020 v 2009 Better Today — Better Together
  • “The Steel Guy”: An Interview with Miles Free III
  • Sulfur and Manganese
  • Back After a Positive COVID-19 Test with Tanya DiSalvo from Criterion Tool
  • Beware of False Unemployment Claims Filed In Your Name
  • Mailbag Edition: Steel
  • V.U.C.A. (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)
  • Committing to Sustain Our Businesses
  • Six Factors for Tool Life
  • How to Fix American Manufacturing
  • Federal Government Spring 2020 Regulatory Agenda Part 1 (NRLB & EPA)
  • Federal Government Spring 2020 Regulatory Agenda Part 2 (DOL & OSHA)
  • Business Trend Indicators Proves Positive Economic Outlook
  • *FIRST ALERT* Potential 100% Duty on Imported Copper Materials from Europe
  • Interview with Scott Wiltsie of Vanamatic Company
  • 5 Advantages of Cold Drawn Bars
  • OSHA Inspection Priorities
  • New OSHA Guidance: Cloth Face Coverings
  • USMCA: What You Need to Know
  • 3-S During COVID-19
  • OSHA Emergency Action Plan
  • *FIRST ALERT* Update on USMCA
  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • 12 Cardinal Rules for Shop Safety
  • Advocacy and Your Bottom Line
  • 4 Keys to Business Sustainability
  • 5 Reasons Against Face Masks in our Shops
  • Policy and Communication Changes due to COVID-19
  • Effective Associating: Ventilator Parts
  • 12 Working From Home Leadership Tips
  • What is Machinability?