Trends in Advanced Industries: Brookings Institute

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The Brookings Institute has prepared a comprehensive report on America’s Advanced Industries, or industries that invest at least $450 per worker in R&D and employ at least 20 percent of their workforce in STEM-intensive occupations.


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Advanced industries matter to you because they represent both an economic foundation and led the
post-recession recovery. Advanced industries are where the future jobs are and where the sustainable growth will be.

In Ohio, according to this report, 17 out of the 25 largest advanced industries in 2015 were markets
served by our precision machining companies. Motor vehicle parts, general-purpose machinery, power
generation and supply, precision instruments, medical equipment and supplies and many more are where the career “action” is.

The Brookings report first explains what advanced industries are and why they matter. It next charts
the changing momentum and geography of the sector, with a special focus on these trends as they
surface in large metropolitan areas. Finally, a discussion section offers some take-aways for regional and national policymakers and economic development leaders.

Overall, the trends reveal both the value and evolving distribution of advanced economic activity and the need for urgent federal as well as state and local efforts to boost their growth and broaden their reach.

Thank you to Brookings for this outstanding and useful report. Let’s do our part to get it in the hands
of the policy makers, job seekers, educators and guidance counselors in our communities to make a