Universal Amplifier for Air and Electronic Gaging

This amplifier is designed to provide visual displays of virtually any shop-floor or production-based dimensional measurement.


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A number of factors are involved in optimizing gaging accuracy and efficiency. Primary standards for measurement and inspection contribute to consistent, reliable results. Having the appropriate tools in place and using proper care and maintenance procedures on those tools is important for maintaining accuracy over time. And the way the tools interact with each other often plays a major role in final results.

Edmunds Gages recently introduced the Accu-Touch readout, a universal gaging amplifier designed to provide visual displays of virtually any shopfloor or production-based dimensional measurement. Capable of amplifying results from as many as four separate gaging tools, the amplifier uses a 5.7-inch touch multi-color screen to portray measurement results with selectable resolutions from 0.01 inch (0.254 mm) to as fine as 0.000001 inch (0.000025 mm). The same industrial hardened touchscreen allows the user to adapt the amplifier for different measurement applications using intuitive, interactive prompting.

The Accu-Touch provides instantly recognizable results for inch or metric measurements with its full-color graphics in dial form, which also include a digital numeric result for every feature measured. Accept and reject indicators also remind the user if the feature measured conforms to preset limits.

“Ease of use was the primary design consideration from the start for this unit,” Quality Manager Scott Sokolik says. “We wanted this product to be used by the masses, regardless of their personal education or skill level.” Multiple full-color displays, the touchscreen and automatic calibration contribute to the accomplishment of these goals.

The unit is available in two- or four-input models that connect with Edmunds LVDT pencil probes, lever probes or contact floats and bore gages. Model variations also include connectivity options with USB, serial and Ethernet ports available. Data witnessed on the displays can be downloaded to a USB flash drive or directly to a PC, network or other data collection device.

A docking unit houses the air-to-electronic interface devices (as many as four) for air gage tooling. Using the unit with air plugs, air rings, air snaps and air fixtures adds the benefit of self-cleaning to tight tolerance measurement applications. Supplied with a filter/regulator for the incoming air supply, the A/E package is compatible will all types of dual-mastered air gage tooling, including back pressure, flow, back-pressure bleed and differential.

Also available with this system is an energy-saving automatic air shutoff valve that only initiates the full pressure necessary for proper gaging when it senses that the air tooling is in use. After a pre-programmed period of non-use, it automatically turns off the air flow, saving the continuous wasted air flow that is typical of air gaging.

The company also offers a series of App Sticks that include pre-programmed setups for more complex gaging applications that require multi-dimensional, relationship-type measurements.

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