11/20/2007 | 2 MINUTE READ

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In this issue of Production Machining, IMTS guide and helpful features.


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This issue of Production Machining is, we think, a dandy. First off, you will notice the IMTS guide that accompanies the magazine. We prepared it primarily for those of you who will attend the "Big Show" in September. The thinking was to identify the products and services germane to precision parts manufacturing and create a convenient list of suppliers who will be at the show. You save time and shoe leather. But even if you don't plan on attending IMTS, hang onto the guide and use it as a reference source.

A preview of some of the screw machine products that will be on display at IMTS starts on page 58. It's a good cross section of what's new and interesting at the show. Again, whether you attend or not, hang onto the magazine for future reference.

There is also a neat feature (page 40) about using the Internet as a training tool. Tooling U is a provider of this service and is getting very good response. It holds an excellent potential to be of significant help to shops trying to get a handle on the problematic issue of training.

As you can see from the cover, our emphasis topic this issue is bar feeders. After you read this issue of Production Machining cover to cover and get all curious about bar feeders, please take a moment to visit our Web site at www.productionmachining.com. On the site, we have created a Bar Feed Selector function you can use to do research. You simply plug in a few general specifications and the selector creates a shopping list for you. Click on any or all of the companies presented as possible vendors to get more information about them.

One of the interesting things about integrating what you see and read in the magazine and what can be posted on the Web is how much easier it is to get fairly detailed information about technical equipment. You may come across a Production Machining article or write-up or ad about a product or service that may fill a need in you shop.

In the old days, you had to fill out a postcard; include your name, address and other data; send it in; and wait for a literature package to come in the mail. More likely than not, your package of information would prompt a direct sales call from the company or companies you inquired about.

Today, the ability of a potential customer—you—to remain anonymous well into the information gathering stage is a welcome advance. Investigating the specifications, applications, pricing and more on bar feeders or anything to do with precision parts manufacturing makes the potential customer—you—a much more informed purchaser. You can gather information, create a short list of OEMs, and check with other users via the Internet, all from the comfort of your desk. Only when you really want to talk to a salesperson do you need to identify yourself. It's a brave new world and the buyer—you—is in charge.