Video: Comprehensive Machine Monitoring

Assistance and process monitoring systems provide apps to ensure that your equipment is running to the extent of its capabilities.


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ToolScope is a comprehensive assistance system for production machining that allows operators access to recorded machine, operating and process data.

Interested in getting involved in equipment monitoring? There’s an app for that, of course. Many, in fact, which can be found in firmware version 10 of the ToolScope monitoring system developed by Komet Brinkhaus. This comprehensive assistance system for production machining is loaded with a variety of apps that make it easy for users to access and utilize recorded machine, operating and process data.

The company explains that ToolScope monitors and documents internal machine signals during a process, such as the torque of a spindle or the feed force of an axis, also recording results like tool changes or machine downtimes. In conjunction with knowledge of what are referred to as “process identifiers”—data including range, tool, batch number, and so on, all of which are read from the control system—the software provides process- or tool-related documentation on average and maximum tool life. Komet Brinkhaus has developed apps that are easy to license and activate, and they can be called up on the user interface to provide various services.

The system is based on the latest technology in the field of process and machine monitoring. Using a special method for statistical process monitoring, it is possible to not only monitor tool breakage, but also to achieve significantly lower process deviations immediately. As a result, the system provides a new method for maintaining quality control, in addition to the usual methods of process monitoring. Watch a brief demonstration video below. For more information, visit PM’s CNC & Machine Controls Zone