3/27/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cutting Tool Consulting

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Faced with a complex and challenging application, machine shops have a solid resource in cutting tool suppliers with engineering departments to help achieve their production goals.


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Whether it involves workholding, automation or a new turning process, interesting things can happen when specialists arrive on the scene to collaborate with machine operators and engineers to determine the best way to machine a part or family of parts. This is especially true when it comes to cutting tools, as the right type, design, options and attachments can make all the difference between a tool that lasts and one that fails too soon. Thus, cutting tool suppliers are collaborating in the earliest stages of part/product development to help identify the optimal approach and tooling for the application.

As an example, Seco Tools Component Engineered Tooling (CET) unit has a mission of working closely with customers to help identify the most efficient approach to machining a part.

“Not only do we want to help customers find or create the absolute best tooling solution, but we want them to consider how this optimized solution will affect their overall production line and can positively influence their selection of machines, automation, fixturing, programming and more,” says Thomas Funke, who was recently promoted to CET manager. “A focus on cost per unit will ensure they make the right decisions for long-term success.”

Based in Troy, Michigan, the CET group’s engineers work with customers to develop optimized processes for individual parts and components, applying their extensive expertise in tooling and metalcutting to first provide a comprehensive analysis of an application, then map out pathways toward achieving the best possible results. Related information is available in PM’s Cutting Tool Zone.