Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leader Graham Immerman Leads with Passion

By displaying passion and empathy, the MachineMetrics marketing director is able to communicate the ideas of Industry 4.0 in an easy-to-understand and inspiring way.


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Graham Immerman

Graham Immerman, Director of Marketing, MachineMetrics

As part of the team that has delivered Industrial Internet of Things product to hundreds of shop floors and thousands of machines, Graham’s leadership stretches from PMPA technical member MachineMetrics’ internal team to executives of manufacturing plants and operators on shop floors across the world.

He uses his background in digital, social, traditional, account-based marketing, growth strategies and business development to communicate his ideas and vision in a way that is easy to understand. He also uses tools and strategies to help himself improve. “He writes meticulous scripts for webinars to make sure that he is clear and that people taking time to listen are rewarded with value,” says his nominator, MachineMetrics marketing specialist Kaylee Hamar.

Graham also displays empathy both with potential customers and his own team. This enables him to communicate the story of Industry 4.0 to people experiencing the change of digital transformation in a way that is inspiring instead of fear provoking and create a space of creativity and positive interaction for coworkers.

“A true leader must be passionate, and Graham is contagiously passionate about marketing and manufacturing,” his nominator adds. “Listen to him talk about manufacturing for a few minutes, and you too will feel like you can make a difference and have an impact on an industry that plays a role in all of our lives.”

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