Metrology Keeps Tools on Center

Zoller’s Z.connect workshop that took place at Makino’s North American headquarters demonstrated the Smile and Venturion presetting and measuring machines for tool setting. 


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Zoller GmbH & Co. KG provides metrology solutions for the manufacturing industry. These include presetting and measurement of machines, all aimed at extending tool life and optimizing capacity. And a way they communicate these solutions is through Z.connect workshops, such as the one held at the Makino North American headquarters in Mason, Ohio, on Nov. 9.

Hosted by sales engineer John Traxler and regional sales manager Georg Maerz, their presentation focused on two machines, the Smile for low-end production and the Venturion for high-end production, with an example of the former on hand to demonstrate and the latter on Makino’s shop floor.

According to Mr. Maerz, “When you buy a CNC machine in Germany, you buy a presetter.” One such as the Smile helps people understand their personnel, tooling time and machines. It can take data and print off a label to be placed on a tool, or transmit data directly to the machine control unit. “Probes, lasers,” says Mr. Traxler, “Companies already have those. They’re looking to Zoller to answer questions lasers and probes can’t.”

Although not on-site, precision-turning, high-volume production is covered by Zoller with the Hyperion. “With a turning center you always need the tool on center,” says Mr. Traxler. The horizontal presetter and measuring machine is also produced as a private-label for Hydromat.

As shops work to stay competitive, instituting such practices as lights-out production and staying open on weekends, machines like the Smile, Venturion and Hyperion can help with efficiency, scrap reduction, and cost-effectiveness. Tool setting has proven to be an intricate part of manufacturing, and for that reason metrology is more important than ever.