Swiss Laser was a Hit

The new Tsugami S206-II debuted to enthusiastic crowds at IMTS earlier this month.


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Tsugami’s Swiss Laser demo was popular at IMTS. 

No, I’m not talking about the Hadrian Collider. It’s the new Tsugami S206-II, which debuted to enthusiastic crowds at IMTS earlier this month.

Using the in-house development resources at Rem Sales, which is the exclusive N.A. importer of Tsugami Swiss-type lathes, its sister company, Innovative Machinery Group, designed, built and integrated a laser to augment the new Tsugami Swiss.

This is not an accessory or add-on, says Product Manager Dale White. It adds fully programmable cutting capability to the six-axis capability of the S206-II: Chalk it up to another step in multitasking machine tool technology.

By adding a laser to a Swiss machine, the company is targeting the medical device market, but it’s fully able cut intricate and precise small parts for other industries. Click here to read more information on the machine. One prediction I’ll confidently make: There will be other Swiss lasers from other builders. 


Close-up of the Swiss Laser work zone.