VIDEO: Adam Savage Demonstrates Bridgeport Milling Machine

In this video, Adam Savage of “Mythbusters” and the YouTube channel “Tested” shows off a new addition to his workshop, a 1968 Bridgeport mill. 


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Most people know Adam Savage from popular Discovery Channel show “Mythbusters,” but the industrial and special effects designer has also been an editor and contributor to the website tested.com since March 2012. The site has a broad focus on science, technology or art, and for it Mr. Savage hosts a YouTube channel called “Tested.” 

The channel tests new products, such as phones and VR equipment, and shows off DIY methods for one-day builds, from movie props and costumes to laser-cut mini boats to metal fidget spinners. Set in Mr. Savage’s workshop, there’s also advice on best practices, such as workbench covers and keeping digital scales clean.

On occasion, Mr. Savage shows off additions to his personal collection, including this video of a 1968 Bridgeport milling machine. He calls it “a fulfillment of a lifetime” and uses the machine to mill a rectangular channel through a cube of RenShape, a material used in modeling. In the video, he clearly describes the features and how it works, especially on the RenShape board compared with aluminum or steel, for the layman. At the same time, his enthusiasm is infectious for experienced machinists as he calls out the mill having a “motor on the knee.”