Why Cleveland is a Good Fit for PMTS

Cleveland presents a foundation that will enable PMTS to continue to grow and evolve and continue to deliver more value to the businesses invested in the precision machined parts industry.
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I love the normalcy of Cleveland. There’re regular people there.
— Drew Carey

I suppose the residents of almost every city might enjoy making fun of some surrounding area. I believe it’s mostly done in good fun, but maybe it somehow makes people feel better about their own flaws. I know I was guilty of this offense, and I had mean jokes directed my way as well. But I eventually learned from these actions.

Growing up in Southern Ohio, I grew accustomed to using Cleveland as a laughing stock. Cleveland football has the Browns, who have always been divisional rivals to the Bengals and, thus, natural targets for fans’ aggression. While our baseball teams have had little interaction through the years, the Indians have had enough miserable seasons and bad luck that we’ve been able to pick on them plenty as well. And we came up with many other mean things to say, whether based on fact or not.

When my brother, John, moved to Cleveland in 1984, I seriously questioned his sanity. Why Cleveland? After all, every image of the city in my mind was negative. But truth be told, I had never been there and really had no right to hurl such insults. Didn’t the city deserve a fair chance?

At 19 years old, I had to visit my older brother in his new town and experience it first-hand. It’s what brothers do. And I learned a valuable lesson on that first trip. Granted, in the mid-80s Cleveland had not yet become the exciting hot spot that it is today. But it also did not show the blight I had been led to believe.

The downtown area offered beautiful views of Lake Erie; the park system was well managed; the highway system and public transportation was way ahead of Cincinnati’s. Even the dilapidated Municipal Stadium, where we saw the baseball team play, offered a certain charm that brought images of the players of the Golden Era. And then, of course, there was the nightlife.

What happened?! Did I actually enjoy my time in Cleveland? It seemed unimaginable, but I was pleasantly surprised. And my eyes were opened. Or maybe it was my mind. The evidence did seem to show that with an open mind, I could break through new frontiers and disprove long-held beliefs. I would have never thought that a trip to Cleveland could teach me such a valuable life lesson.

I’ve been to Cleveland many more times in the past 35 years. My brother still lives there and loves it. I’ve had many wonderful experiences there, and now the city is about to offer yet another new opportunity.

April’s PMTS show, for the first time, will be held at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. I’m smart enough now to not be shocked by the move. But that attitude does not indicate blind trust, and it doesn’t hurt to still wonder, “Why Cleveland?”

Since the show’s inaugural event in 2001, each edition has been held in Columbus. That city was a very convenient location for me. Only a two-hour drive from home, I knew I could get back and forth between home and the show in the same day if necessary. It’s Midwest location efficiently served the country’s heart of manufacturing. The Columbus Convention Center is easily navigated, and its downtown location offers plenty of food and entertainment options after the close of the show each day. It served its purpose well through the previous nine shows.

Cleveland represents an extension of the qualities that have made Columbus a great home for PMTS. The city delivers access to a vast and diverse manufacturing community in a city recently renovated to better accommodate live events. It presents a foundation that will enable the show to continue to grow and evolve and, subsequently, continue to deliver more value to the businesses invested in the precision machined parts industry.

This year’s show promises to be the best one yet with exhibitor registration approaching 2017’s record-setting numbers—the most relevant suppliers prepared to show how they can help your shop continue to grow in the coming years. The educational programs and networking opportunities are priceless. This opportunity to join more than 6,000 manufacturing professionals who are moving the industry forward should not be missed. Come and experience Cleveland; it’s worth the trip!