Autodesk and NIMS Partner to Establish Industry Programming Standards

e-Newsletter July 2015


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This partnership comes together to support advancement of CAM training programs by developing industry-wide standards and credentials for the education and training of CAM programmers. These standards and credentials will help enhance education and training programs to meet 21st century demands for skilled CAM programmers, designers and engineers, which will account for an estimated 100,000 new jobs by 2024.

To stay competitive, manufacturers must maintain high standards of production efficiency and meet ever-changing customer demands. CAM allows manufacturers to adjust their processes in ways that identify optimal means of meeting these demands through reduction of cycle times, reduction of scrap and improved quality of finished parts.

To develop these standards, Autodesk and NIMS (the National Institute for Metalworking Skills) recruited industry leaders to participate in a Technical Work Group. The kickoff meeting was held at Autodesk headquarters in San Francisco on June 10-11. Major companies including DMG MORI, Haas Automation, Delcam and Parker Hannifin participated in the meeting and will lead the Technical Work Group.

After development of the skills standards, NIMS will conduct a rigorous nation-wide validation process, holding regional reviews of the standards by industrial professionals before the standards to the public.