It's a Small World

Videos, articles and expert access all address the challenges of machining tiny parts and features...Introducing the micromachining zone.


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Anyone who is old enough to remember Motorola’s first commercialized cell phone (affectionately called the “brick”) realizes that miniaturization is an ongoing trend in electronics and many other manufacturing segments. The micromachining bandwagon has left the station and many precision machined parts makers are searching for a seat.

Production Machining and its online component, PM Online, now have a resource for shops looking to learn more about micromachining. We added a zone to our Web site that focuses on micro-machining processes and applications from the PM archives and our sister publication, Modern Machine Shop.

Contents in this new zone are divided by topic—Milling and Drilling; Turning; and EDM and Laser. In addition to a library of print articles on various micromachining techniques and applications, the zone also contains several videos. Two videos featured prominently in the zone offer tutorials on appropriate cutting tool length-to-diameter ratio as well as how to efficiently machine smooth surfaces using tiny tools.

Take a minute to visit the new zone at www.productionmachining.com/micromachining. The zone is a work in process, so please let us know how we can make it more useful for you.