11/20/2007 | 1 MINUTE READ

Metalworking On The Internet

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The 2003 Metalworking On The Internet (MOTI) from Modern Machine Shop offers a review of unique Internet attributes and how they may apply to shops and plants of all sizes. Topics include marketing of shop services, training, machine tool connectivity to the Internet and much more. Whether you’re an old hand at leveraging the Internet to your shop’s advantage, you’re just starting out, or you’re somewhere in between, the MOTI may help you with your strategies and tactics. Included in the MOTI are the following.

Workin’ The Channels—Offshore competition and shifting economic conditions are mounting strong challenges for U.S. manufacturing in 2003. To survive and thrive, job shops and manufacturers of all sizes must redefine their businesses, embrace new markets, and develop relationships with a broader range of customers. What does this have to do with the Internet? Quite a lot, it turns out—if you’re willing to learn and work the channels.

RFQ&A—Online Request For Quote (RFQ) marketplaces for custom manufacturing can be confusing for some. But with the proper perspective and expectations—and some effort—they can be extraordinarily valuable tools for helping job shops of all sizes grow and prosper.

Optimize Your Web Site—Optimization is a term commonly used to describe modifications and maintenance that result in improved performance or higher search engine ranking. Similarly, there are unique features that manufacturing-based Web sites can focus on to optimize their marketing effectiveness in serving today’s research-minded manufacturing prospects.

There’s much more in the MOTI. Look at it. Ask questions. The impact of the Internet on metalworking, machining and the modern machine shop is certain, broad and compelling. Don’t ignore it or rest on your laurels. To capitalize and improve your competitive stance, develop and review your shop’s own Internet strategies often.