Online Guide to the Right New Machine Tool


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Let’s face it; there are a lot of machine tool builders out there and even more new models to keep up with. So when a company is in the market to ramp up production by adding a new CNC Swiss or some other piece of equipment, narrowing the search to only those companies that can supply a machine that meets the required specs can be a monumental task. And that’s only the beginning of the buying process. The same story holds true for workholding and tooling distributors and suppliers. Where do you start?

Techspex.com provides a free, easy-to-use solution that simplifies the search by allowing a buyer to enter specs, attributes, and other requirements for the type of machine needed in Techspex’s online search form and return a list of matching models along with the suppliers’ contact information. The Techspex database currently includes more than 600 brands and 7,500 new machine models currently available in the marketplace.

Searches can be performed for a variety of machine types, including turning, milling and grinding machines, EDMs, CMMs, presses and saws. When the machine type is selected, the user can then define other important machine features to generate a list of machines that will best meet the need. For instance, a search for turning machines can be further refined by machine type (bar, chucker, universal and/or Swiss); specific ranges for chuck diameter, bar diameter, horsepower, RPM and turning length; number of spindles and orientation; as well as preferred manufacturers.

Search results allow side-by-side comparisons with suitable models, including photos, technical notes, editorials and videos for many models. The user can then quickly generate model-specific RFQs that are automatically emailed to the appropriate machine builders and distributors.

Next time you’re in the market for a new machine, begin your search with Production Machining and Techspex. Each machine tool builder showroom on our site includes links to editorial about the companies’ products, and most provide Techspex links that display a full list of their models.

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