This Never Gets Old

April E-Newsletter


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I was rummaging through some of PM’s archived stories on the Internet and came across one contributed by my old friend, Bob Skodzinsky. Bob and I go way back. He has worn several hats during his long metalworking career, but I think as you read this story, his latest position seems to be as fulfilling as any previous posts.

Guys like Bob, as they accumulate experience in the field they are passionate about, often reach a point of trying to pass that experience on to the next generation. I think it’s a function of that passion.

I approached Bob in 2011 to contribute to our guest column in PM called Last Word. He was very happy to do it, and, in my opinion, knocked it out of the park.

Generally, we try to generate brand new content for our readers, but sometimes there is material that holds its relevance because it was right the first time. I invite you to read Bob’s story here http://www.productionmachining.com/columns/a-case-of-caring. I think it still rings true and bears repeating.