11/21/2007 | 2 MINUTE READ

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Precision Machining:

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Why do you love precision machining?


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Why do you love precision machining? From the enthusiastic (and colorful) responses we have received, many Production Machining (PM) readers are familiar with the campaign we are running to promote PMTS and PM in 2005. The campaign asks for you—the managers, owners, engineers and machinists at screw machine shops throughout the country—to offer the reasons why you love precision machining.

The payoff: a free T-shirt with the "Top Ten Reasons," a few laughs, some industrial camaraderie, and most importantly, the opportunity to be forever immortalized on a T-shirt promoting screw machining.

PM is offering two ways for you to submit responses. First, send the reason(s) you love precision machining via e-mail to allison@gardnerweb.com. Each submission will be rewarded with a "Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Precision Machining" T-shirt. Second, because of the large number of responses we've received we are going to accept and display submissions at our PMTS Booth 1001. Here, we will set up a large board for you to stop by, write down your reasons, and receive a free T-shirt. Both PM and its Web site, www.productionmachining.com, will announce the complete top ten list in their PMTS 2005 review.

So, poll your co-workers, your customers and your competitors. Ask family, friends and foes, and submit your ideas. In the meantime, to get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the responses we have received so far.

Reasons why you love precision machining:

  • Swiss-type centerfolds in Production Machining really turn me on.
  • Not being able to tell if the machine shop smells like you . . . or you smell like the shop.
  • The look on the engineer's face when you say, "What print revision?"
  • The loud machinery drowns out the voices in my head.
  • Metal chips stuck in your shoes make great traction on ice.
  • You can wear earplugs to avoid talking to people you don't like.
  • You ask the guy at the car repair shop what sort of surface finish he's going to get when he turns your brake rotors. He has no idea what you're talking about, and you shake your head in disgust.

This campaign is a way of saying "thank you" to the readers of PM and the enthusiastic professionals who serve the screw machining industry each day. This is the first T-shirt (that we know of) dedicated to your industry and written by your peers, to be distributed at screw machining's premier event. Don't wait. Submit your entries now.