Mold & Die : The Key to Optimal Machining Productivity

May 09

Mold and die shops are under pressure to manufacture increasingly complex parts quickly, accurately and reliably. While Autodesk offers emerging and, potentially game-changing technologies, such as generative design and 3D printing, the workhorse of many mold and die shops remains traditional subtractive manufacturing, or CNC machining. In this webinar, we will present the latest CAM solution Autodesk PowerMill® 2018 to demonstrate how manufacturers can machine the most complex cavities, cores, sliders and associated parts with exceptional levels of precision and quality that require no manual polishing or re-work. Primary Topics: • Utilize stock models to quickly remove remaining material, avoiding air cutting, and reducing cycle time. • Quick 3 to 3+2 with Dynamic Machine Control to change tool axis to an optimum collision free toolpath without recalculating the toolpath. • Feed your machine the right amount of points with the ability to set point spacing before or after the toolpath is calculated. Presenter: Justin Ferguson joined Autodesk after Delcam acquisition in 2015. He received his Manufacturing Engineering Degree from CalPoly Pomona and has a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing having worked over 5 years in both Aerospace and Automotive Production shops in the California area. Justin is now based in Torrance, California and works for Autodesk as a Technical Specialist supporting the Autodesk Digital Manufacturing Group products: PowerMill, PowerShape, and PowerInspect

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