The Proven Path to Faster, More Profitable Production

February 22

There’s a saying in business that states, “Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.” This is especially true in the precision parts industry. In today’s highly competitive manufacturing world, yesterday's thinking about the true cost of a machine tool can easily limit your company’s profit potential. Consider this: What appears to be the most expensive machine tool can produce the lowest cost precision parts and dramatically increase your company’s profit. 

Registrants will learn about:

• Customer requirements
• Machine selection
• Machine and processor speed
• Machine capability and functionality
• Process reliability
• Change-over/flexibility


Michael Huggett is the national sales manager for Index USA, responsible for customer development and sales for the U.S. and Canada. Michael started his career as a machine operator in 1989, quickly moved into machine programing and shop management. When running the shop, Michael found his passion in machine utilization and setup reduction, which led him into machine tool accessory sales and eventually machine tool sales. For more than 20 years, Michael has been educating customers on ways to become more productive and profitable. He teaches these methods throughout the Index USA sales channels to help North American manufacturing expand.  

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