Big Kaiser Ramps Up Green Initiatives

By switching to unleaded steel and recyclable packaging, the company will reduce both its own environmental footprint and that of its customers.


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Metal parts

Big Kaiser is stepping up its green initiatives by switching to unleaded steel and recyclable packaging. 

As part of an ongoing effort to make processes and products more environmentally friendly, Big Kaiser is making modifications to production materials and packaging. Specifically, the company has switched to unleaded steel and recyclable packaging. The new steel uses a Bismuth composite instead of lead. Additionally, new boring head packaging will use cardboard or recyclable PET instead of Quadro packs with polypropylene.

“These adjustments to our materials and packaging will go a long way toward reducing the environmental footprint of our business and, more importantly, our customers’,” Jack Burley, VP of sales and engineering says. “It’s part of company-wide commitment to care for our customers without sacrificing quality or performance.”

Big Kaiser was recently recognized by the Village of Hoffman Estates for the green efforts at its U.S. headquarters. These include recycling, reducing paper usage, energy and water efficiency, and HVAC monitoring.