Comco Equipment Improves MicroBlasting Capabilities

Optional features enhance process automation safety and accuracy.


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Comco Inc. offers a variety of optional equipment for automated microblasting systems which can be used to deburr, texture, cut or clean parts. The Comco Grip Wrist is a parts handling option that brings the part to the nozzle, which makes it well-suited for the batch processing of spinal implants, dental implants and bone screws. The Flipper Gripper is a parts handling option that can be used when two sides of a part need to be blasted. It automatically flips parts for blasting the second side within the blast cycle, thus eliminating the need for an operator to manually flip parts in a tray, which reduces both operator interaction and chances for human error.

According to the company, its bar code reader technology improves workflow accuracy and tracking. Technicians can use it to scan the parts being processed to pull up the proper blast program, thereby reducing operator error. Comco’s in-unit scale is designed to calculate blast duration, which increases material removal accuracy. It does this by either weighing the part or the blaster and then calculating the blast cycles based on the parts mass or the amount of abrasive left in the blaster. This option is well-suited for etching hydrodynamic seals.