Digital Force Gages Perform Basic, Automatic Testing

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Starrett's DFC and DFG digital force gages can be used both as hand-held gages or mounted on testing stands. 


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The Starrett Co. introduces its DFC and DFG series of digital hand-held force gages. Depending on the series, automatic testing can be attained with the DFC force gage controlling the company’s FMM digital force tester, or basic testing can be performed using the DFG gage.

The gages feature a high-resolution OLED color backlit display and auto-off function. A primary and secondary window shows test results, and out-of-tolerance results display in red. A multi-function keypad has softkeys that are programmable to the users’ most repetitive functions.

Adjustable sampling rates help capture peak loads, and users can apply filters to peak and display values. The battery life is said to provide more than 30 hours of continuous operation. The gages also have a USB port for transmitting data to a computer, a cast aluminum housing with a comfortable grip design for handheld testing, and a metric threaded top post that enables screw-on attachments and clevis adapters to fit hundreds of test fixtures.

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