EZset Tool Presetters Minimize Machine Downtime

Originally titled 'Tool Presetters Minimize Machine Downtime'

EZset’s ICbasic, IC1, IC2, and IC3 presetters have a variety of measurement ranges and image-processing variations.

EZset has four models of tool presetting machines that use a vision system and image-processing software to measure cutting tools. The ICbasic, IC1, IC2, and IC3 have a variety of measurement ranges and image-processing variations, and are designed to facilitate manufacturing organizations’ increase of final-part quality and process efficiency, including extended tool life. 

The more tool changes a shop performs, the more productivity it can expect to attain with using these presetters. Machine downtime is minimized and part output is maximized as tools for the machining center’s next job are preset, measured, and ready to be loaded prior to the completion of the current job.

The tool presetters are made in Germany and feature componentry such as Heidenhain glass scales, Bosch pneumatics, and THK guides.