Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Knuth’s Servoturn 410 NC Lathe has Programmable NC control

Conventional lathe offers extensive functions that take its operation to near CNC level.


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Knuth’s Servoturn 410 NC Lathe

Knuth’s Servoturn 410 NC Lathe

Knuth Machine Tools’ Servoturn 410 NC conventional lathe includes a programmable NC control and extensive functions that take its operation to near CNC level, according to the company. The machine features a solid one-piece base, wide hardened and ground guideways, ballscrews and large headstock. The 16" × 40" lathe weighs almost 4,000 lbs. The Delta servo-conventional CNC control enables programmable taper turning and radius turning, as well as straight and taper threading with automatic feed engagement. It also has a large touchscreen with digital readout for axis position, tool station programming for tool offsets, multilingual display, programmable feed rates and rapid speed limits to ensure a user-friendly, simple operation.


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