Mitsui Seiki’s HPX63 II HMC Increases Rapid Feed Rates in a Compact Design

Originally titled 'HMC Increases Rapid Feed Rates in a Compact Design'
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This horizontal machining center emphasizes efficiency in speed and design. 

Mitsui Seiki’s HPX63 II four-axis horizontal machining center, an improved version of the company’s HPX63 unit, features a 70% faster rapid feed rate of 54 m/min that produces shorter cycle times, and a 14% reduction in shopfloor footprint (now 5,554 × 3,5300 mm) to maximize manufacturing facility space.

Capable of machining workpieces as large as 1,050 × 1,050 mm (diameter × height), the HPX63 II machining center is engineered to process medium-size precision parts. Pallet size is 630 mm² and maximum table load is 1,200 kg. Positioning accuracy and repeatability are ± 0.001 mm (1micron).

X-, Y-, and Z-axis strokes are 1,000 mm, 800 mm, and 900 mm, respectively. An 18.5/15 kW (30 min./continuous) spindle utilizes ISO 7/24 50-taper tooling and provides rotation speeds from 15 rpm – 6,000 rpm as well as 600 Nm maximum torque. The B-axis rotary table offers high torque and acceleration.

A 60-pocket automatic tool changer accommodates tools up to 500 mm long and 125 mm in diameter (265 mm diameter without adjacent tools), weighing up to 25 kg.