Röhm Duro-A RC Chuck Features Quick-Change Capability

PMTS 2019: Röhm’s range of rotating and prismatic workholding products are said to cater to precision parts manufacturers.


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Röhm Products of America’s range of rotating and prismatic workholding products are said to cater to precision parts manufacturers, including the Duro-A RC quick-change power chuck. The quick-change capabilities enable adjusting, reversing or swapping out in less than 60 seconds, according to the company.

The chuck has a billet steel body that is said to reduce overall height by 14 percent compared to similar chucks. The result of this optimized design is a weight reduction of 17 percent and an increase in the size of the overall work envelope, the company says. It accommodates parts with outside diameters ranging in size from 180 mm to 400 mm. The size of the chuck’s through-hole has been expanded and ranges from 53 mm to 128 mm in diameter. The low jaw weight enables high clamping force of—as much as 240 kN for the largest chucks—even with high rotational speeds.


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