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Seco Assistant Machining App Saves Time, Boosts Productivity

Seco Assistant mobile app streamlines the daily machining experience, combining vital information and tools with a smooth user experience.


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Seco Assistant app

Seco Assistant app

The Seco Assistant all-in-one mobile app makes it easy to quickly and easily identify cutting tools and strategies to reduce costs and increase machining productivity. The app is designed to put the product information machinists need at their fingertips without the need for internet searches or catalog research, and even has an offline functionality.

The app has a variety of functions to quickly access appropriate cutting data. The app’s machining calculator provides turning, milling and holemaking data for any brand, including feeds, speeds and material removal rate. The Tool Comparison function gives Seco tool recommendations and alternatives to other manufacturer’s inserts, while the Suggest function helps find the right tooling option and cutting strategies for specific jobs.

Users can search for products by item, number, designation or grade, or simply scan the QR code on the packaging. The company says the app is designed for maximum convenience and ease of use, with a small download size and a clean, clear interface. If users don’t have an internet connection, they can also search for Seco products or use the data calculators offline.



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