SMW Chuck Clamps Most Workpiece Geometries

Centco4 self-centering and compensating chuck can clamp virtually any type or shape of geometric part. 


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The four-in-one Centco4 2+2 self-centering and compensating chuck is able to securely and efficiently clamp virtually any type or shape of geometric part including round, cubic, angular and irregular.

Available in both power and manual models, the Centco4 is ideal for deformation-sensitive workpieces and provides four times less deformation as compared with three-jaw clamping and can be used on all industry-specific machine tools, according to the company.  The ability to handle virtually any part shape means fewer chuck change-outs and reduced downtime. Diverse manual and hydraulic

Centco4 chuck

applications include turning, milling, inspection and finishing operations.

The drive of the Centco4 moves toward or apart on two parallel axes and needs only one standard stroke, single-piston cylinder for actuation, allowing for independent, self-centering clamping via both axes. Centrifugal force compensation allows for maximum rotational speeds with up to 210 kN of gripping force with an optimized lubrication system. Three sizes are available in the power version including 210-52, 260-72, 315-92 and 400-112. A variety of synchron high precision jaws are offered with a 1/16 x 90-degree interface.


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