Thread Locking Tools Offer Alternative Safety Application

Originally titled 'Tools Offer Alternative Safety Application'
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Emuge Corp.’s Self-Lock internal thread yields a self-locking screw connection that can be used repeatedly. 

Emuge Corp.’s Self-Lock threading tools offer an alternative in thread locking for safety applications in aerospace, medical, communications, transportation industries and more. The thread locking feature is integrated in the internal thread, and has a modified profile with a 30 degree ramp surface in the direction of stress, which provides the self-locking effect. In a screw connection for high-stress situations, where there is a standard external thread in an Emuge Self-Lock internal thread, the internal thread yields a self-locking screw connection that can be used repeatedly. 

The internal thread shows constant, maximum holding power under dynamic stress.  Functions remain in good operation even with repeated loosening and re-tightening of the thread connection. This locking effect is caused by the ramp-shaped surface integrated into the thread profile.  


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