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PUBLISHED: 6/22/2012

Solution for Micro- and Macro-Machining

Suitable for both micro- and macro-machining applications, GF AgieCharmilles’ Mikron HPM 450U is a high-performance milling solution with a rotary/tilt table.

PUBLISHED: 5/24/2012

5 Axes Broaden 800 Series CNC Router Applications

MultiCam Inc.’s 8000 Series five-axis router is especially useful for high-speed, heavy-duty routing in the woodworking, plastics, nonferrous metals and composites industries, according to the company. 

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2011

5-Axis Technology that Increases Profitability

The five-axis VMX30U and VMX42SR machining centers are designed with specific control technology to increase profitability for shops of all sizes, the company says.

PUBLISHED: 10/4/2010

5-Axis Machining Center

Kern Precision Inc. has introduced an ultra precision five‐axis HSC machining center.

PUBLISHED: 7/9/2010

CNC Lathes, Machining Centers and More

The company’s Mori Seiki NT1000SZM, as well as the DMG CTX gamma 2000 TC are available.

PUBLISHED: 7/6/2010

Vertical Column Five-Axis Profiler

The FSP-80V vertical spindle five-axis profiler machines hard metals, including titanium, Inconel, stainless steel and more.

PUBLISHED: 6/21/2010

Five-Axis Machining Center Minimizes Thermal Conductivity

The C 42 U five-axis machining center is available with a mineral cast base to minimize thermal conductivity and vibration. The X, Y and Z axes are 800 × 800 × 550 mm, respectively, with rapid traverse of 60 m/min. in all axes.

PUBLISHED: 6/17/2010

Multi-Axis Double Column Mill

The DCV4035-5AX is a five-axis double column mill designed for high speed milling in aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

PUBLISHED: 11/4/2009

High-Performance 5-Axis VMC

Hardinge’s XR-series of five-axis VMCs is offered in two configurations of precision and high precision to suit manufacturing requirements. This machine is positioned in the top of Bridgeport’s machining center portfolio.

PUBLISHED: 8/26/2009

Machines for Medical

To respond to the highest requirements of the medical and dental industries, watchmakers, aerospace and micro-technologies, Willemin-Macodel offers a complete range of machining centers allowing the machining of complex, high-precision parts with ex...

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