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MicroCare display at the show--Tergo cleaning fluid

Parts Cleaning Across Continents
If the metalworking industry wants to predict the future of the parts cleaning market, it needs to look across the pond at the European trends and new developments taking place there.

inserts sitting in washing basket

Inserts for Automated Toolholder Cleaning
Specifically, for toolholders and tool fixtures, Metallform (distributed by Ecoclean in the U.S.) has developed inserts that can be easily placed in standard cleaning baskets. They enable the fast, automated cleaning.

Michael Förster

Dürr Ecoclean Relaunches as Independent Brand Ecoclean
The company formerly active as Dürr Ecoclean relaunched itself as an independent brand under the name Ecoclean and started doing business under the umbrella of the SBS Ecoclean Group on October 24, 2017 at parts2clean.

BMW Orders 100th EcoCFlex in 12 Years
These third-generation flexible robotized cells are used for cleaning and deburring of engine components and have been adapted to suit BMW’s current technical expectations.

Dürr Ecoclean Supplies 100th Machine to German Manufacturer
In the 100th year of its history, 2016, the BMW Group ordered the 100th EcoCFlex system from Dürr Ecoclean.

EcoCWave Provides Short Cleaning Cycles, Energy Savings
According to the company, the aqueous system is designed to ensure superior cleaning and process reliability, short overall cleaning cycles and major energy savings.

Durr Ecoclean EcoCCore

Solvent-Based Parts Cleaning System
Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCCore solvent-based parts cleaning system is designed to improve cleaning performance, process reliability and cost savings.

Vacuum Cleaning

Cleaning and Corrosion Protection with Solvents
Protect parts against rust in an efficient and sustainable way.

Dry Cleaning System Delivers Energy Savings
Intermediate cleaning of powertrain parts with more than 50 percent energy savings and high process reliability.

Durr Ecoclean EcoCCore

Solvent-Based Part-Cleaning Systems Optimize Quality
Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCCore system is a solvent-based part cleaning system offering greater product throughput and load weight to yield reduced cleaning cost per unit.

Durr Ecoclean EcoCCore

Solvent Cleaning Machine Offers Batch Flexibility
Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCCore solvent cleaning machine is designed to meet the need for solvent cleaning when parts are contaminated with oil or when subsequent processes (such as heat treating, welding, gluing or coating) require greaseless surfaces.

Solvent Cleaning System Handles Large Volumes
The EcoCCore solvent-based part cleaning system from Dürr Ecoclean features two flood tanks, heat recovery and full-flow plus bypass filtration capabilities.

Vapor Degreasing Offers Time Savings and Cleaner Parts
Look into a new vapor degreasing system that is not only self-contained, but saves energy, reduces labor and efficiently cleans.

Chamber Washer Uses Agitation to Degrease Parts
Dürr Ecoclean’s airless/airtight Universal 81C parts washer uses fluid agitation in a rotating injection flood wash chamber to degrease parts, and then the degreased parts exit completely dry without the need for supplemental air blowing.

System Uses Steam to Remove Contaminants
Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCSteam steam cleaning system is designed to remove contaminants such as oils, greases, emulsions, release agents, chips, dust and fingerprints from virtually any material quickly, reliably and without using any chemicals.

Closing the Gap in Critical Cleaning Challenges
Solvents may be the answer to a shop’s need for efficient, reliable and sustainable cleaning of precision machined parts.

Dürr Ecoclean Invests in U.S. Test Center for Parts Cleaning
Dürr Ecoclean has invested $2.5 million to expand its cleaning lab and test center in the United States.

Power in Compact Cleaning
Capital improvement decisions can often be “no risk/no reward.” This shop passed on potential production equipment in favor of a new cleaning system and found great reward.

Durr Ecoclean System Cleans Using Non-Halogenated Hydrocarbons
Durr Ecoclean’s EcoCBase C2 solvent cleaning system uses non-halogenated hydrocarbons to remove oils, greases, emulsions and swarf.

Chamber Washers Demonstrate Cleaning Parts
The Dürr exhibit will include two chamber washers used to clean batch loads and CNC machined metal parts in baskets.

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Degreasing Equipment, Vapor
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