Fast Fixturing for Inspection and Laser Marking

The versatility of the Inspection Arsenal and Laser Arsenal modular fixture plate systems enables fixturing to be built on the individual grid plates. The plates can be easily removed from the magnetic docking rail when not needed.

Automation & Robots

Automated Hard Turning, Grinding on One Platform

This inverted vertical turning machine can perform hard turning and grinding of chucked components such as gears while loading and unloading material and completed parts itself.

Cutting Tools

Exploring the Benefits of Reaming for Finishing Bores

How does reaming compare to single-point boring? A supplier of reaming tools compares these processes commonly used to finish bores and offers tips for those considering reaming.

Cobots Gain Ability to Sort and Measure

New tooling that includes a precision robotic caliper extends the applicability of collaborative robots to perform sorting and measuring small parts.

Parts Cleaning

Improve Energy Savings and Efficiency with Vector Kinematics

The rocking, rotational nozzle movement performed by vector kinematics spray cleaning technology combined with temperature and cleaning additives provides an effective, fast and economical parts cleaning process. 

Proper Disinfectant Use to Prevent COVID-19’s Spread

Learning how to choose the proper disinfectant for surfaces throughout your shop and then using it as directed are keys to stopping the spread of viruses such as the novel coronavirus.

CNC & Machine Controls

CNC Apps You Possibly Didn’t Know You Could Benefit From

Some software capabilities go underutilized. One machine tool builder’s CNC software includes lesser-known apps that shops can leverage to their advantage.

Cutting Tools

High-Pressure Coolant Improves Profits and Productivity

High-pressure coolant that is efficiently applied to a cutting tool will enable faster, more precise cuts; prevent oxidation of the tooling and workpieces; and prolong the life of a cutting tool. 

Turning Machines

Automatically Optimize Your CNC Machining Feed Rates

New feed-rate-optimization technology can enable CAM programmers to reduce cycle times and increase tool life for milling and turning operations.


Electrochemical Grinding Makes a Point

A programmable pointing and material handling system used on electrochemical grinding machines can accommodate a range of needle point designs while eliminating a variety of pre- and post-process operations.

Turning Machines

Turning to an Adhesive for Lathe Workholding

Adhesive cured by ultraviolet light is an option for securing parts for machining that could otherwise distort when traditional, mechanical clamping techniques are used.

Cutting Tools

Measuring the Merit of Ceramic Cutters

In testing new ceramic microtools, a precision dynamometer ensures that cutting forces are measured precisely so tool performance parameters can be determined. 

Data Enables Machines to Tell Their Own Stories

These examples reveal how a data collection system has minimized machine tool downtime and costs while simultaneously offering valuable insights into a shop’s processes.

Parts Cleaning

Cyclic Nucleation System Safely Cleans Complex Parts

LPW Reinigungssysteme GmbH has developed PowerJet, a modular cleaning system that offers the safe, effective cleaning of any part using only water and the cyclic nucleation process (CNp).

The Anatomy of a CNC Machine IoT Solution

Industry 4.0 is bringing sweeping changes to manufacturing and IIoT is one of its enabling technologies. Early adopters are reaping the benefits.

Debunking the Deburring Process

A car manufacturer struggled with a complex and unreliable deburring process for its crank case production line until it was introduced to a tool designed specifically for cross-bore deburring.

Automation & Robots

Getting Ready for Lights-Out Manufacturing

Lights-out manufacturing has the potential to save money while increasing capacity, but shops need the right equipment and to address potential challenges before implementing it.

High School Precision Machining Programs are Developing with Industry Support, and other Workforce Development News

ProShop USA is donating ERP software to the student-run Eagle Manufacturing business at Brown County High School in Indiana; Gateway Technical College celebrates expansion of Industry 4.0 center; Lakeview Precision Machining Inc. hosted 16 students from South Elgin High School in Illinois, on a tour of its facility; and finally, the Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program formally welcomes its first nine students into the two-year program.

Cutting Tools

Optimizing Machine Tool Investment Through Cooperation

Manufacturers that purchase the right machines and cutting tools from the start save valuable time and maximize return on investment.


System Ensures Properly Torqued Tools

A torque-assist system that’s designed to make assembling collet tools easy and fast can help shops avoid problems associated with improperly torqued tools.

Cutting Tools

Medical Screw Solution Includes More than Cutting Tools

With companies producing so many medical screws, every second saved counts. A turnkey program can help manufacturers machine these parts as efficiently as possible.

How to Collect and Use Machine Data

Manufacturers don’t need to limit the machine monitoring data they collect, but they do need to know how to collect the data and how to use it to drive decisions.

Cutting Tools

3 Threading Options for Holemaking

Thorough analysis before selecting and committing to tooling will produce quality holemaking in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Here's a look at three ways to cut threads.

Turn/Mill Machines

A New Approach to Turning

In a world-first live demonstration, Ceratizit showed its High-Dynamic Turning process during the company’s Open Days 2019 in Austria. The technique uses a turn-mill center’s milling spindle to perform the turning process.