PMPA’s Annual Meeting Pivot

The schedule for PMPA’s Annual Meeting in Ridgedale, Missouri, October 22-25, was scrapped and revamped to address the issues our members are facing in today’s COVID-19 world. 


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PMPA’s Annual Meeting has always been filled with informational speakers and this year the information delivered will be so fresh that the session descriptions need to be vague.  The PMPA Executive Committee and PMPA’s Renee Merker scratched the planned speaker lineup and topics, and redesigned the meeting to ensure that the attendees at the Annual Meeting are up-to-date on what is going on with the new and unforeseen challenges our members are facing. 

The scheduled sessions include the lessons learned and how the government has changed since COVID-19, top ten issues employers are facing in today’s new working environment, an election 2020 update, industry trends and markets going forward as well as how to be a survivor with regard to finances in a COVID-19 world. The annual PAC Reception will be held during which funds are raised to support the precision machining’s voice in Washington. D.C. — which is now more important than ever. The meeting will end with its Awards Banquet where we get the chance to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and enjoy each other’s company. 

The location of the Annual Meeting has not changed. The remote location of Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri, serves as an ideal venue during a time when distancing is important. The drive from home or from the
airport will be spectacular as the meeting will be held in October, which is the peak time for fall colors — making a welcome sight for isolated eyes. 

Kudos to the PMPA Executive Committee and Renee Merker for recognizing the current situation’s needs and their willingness to change a planned schedule to provide critical  information during a time when the only constant is change.  The new theme for the  Annual Meeting says it all: regroup, refocus and reconnect.

About the Author

Carli Kistler-Miller, MBA, has over 20 years of experience with communications, event/meeting planning, marketing, writing and operations. Email cmiller@pmpa.org