Shop Visitor Checklist



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Shop visits are an inevitable part of business today. We have more visitors coming through our shops now than ever before: an auditor to validate a process, a customer representative to ensure you really do have machines, a calibration of testing equipment or community members to learn about potential careers. Here is a checklist to make sure your visitors and your shop have covered everything regarding hazards, safety, security and rules for proper dress and behavior.

U.S. Citizenship

If you work for International Traffic in Arms Regulations or producing defense-related items, a certification of U.S Citizenship might be required.

U.S Citizen Yes No Signature_________________ Printed name ________________ Date___________

Section 1: Safety

Safety Glasses are Mandatory

Hearing Protection: Mandatory or Optional

Hard Hats: Mandatory or Optional

Footwear: No open-toed shoes or sandals

No Neckties or Loose, Dangling Jewelry are Permitted in the Shop.

Long Hair: Hair may not hang below the collar. Visitors with hair below the collar must stay in marked yellow aisles while in the shop.

Signage: Observe and obey all signs, posted warnings and observe exit routes and marked aisle ways.

Section 2: Hazards

Stay in the Marked Yellow Walkways Unless with a Guide.

Powered Industrial Equipment: Powered industrial equipment is present in our facility to move material, equipment and products. Be alert to forklifts, pallet trucks, overhead cranes and other powered equipment. Look for flashing lights, and listen for alarms.

Rotating and Moving Equipment: Rotating and moving equipment is employed in our production areas. Saws, lathes and mills are high speed, high horsepower.

Work in Process (WIP) Hazards:  Do not handle work in process, product or tools. Sharp edges can cut. Heavy tools and materials can strike or crush. WIP parts can be hot from operations, or oily or have sharp burrs. Avoid handling tooling, chips and production parts and materials.

Slips and Falls: Slips and falls can be caused by changes in grade, tripping over materials or slippery surfaces due to oil, coolant or spills. Pay attention to your footing.

Welding Arcs: Do not look directly at welding arcs.

Safety Data Sheets: Safety data sheets are available for all materials.

Section 3: Security

Stay with Your Guide: Do not wander alone on the shop floor or venture into other areas.

Emergency Alarms: Alarms may sound for various reasons. If an alarm sounds, follow the instructions of your guide to get to safety.

Evacuations: Evacuations are unlikely, but follow your guide to the closest exit to get to a designated assembly point.

Section 4: Rules

No Smoking/Tobacco Free: Our shop and offices are tobacco and smoke free. There’s no smoking or use of tobacco on our premises.

No Photography: Photography of any type, including cell phones and video, is strictly prohibited.

No Cell Phones: We work hard to maintain good housekeeping and best practices, but the shop environment requires your full attention. Cell phones must remain in your pocket or purse while in our shop.


All Craftsman’s Cribsheets are available for viewing and download at short.productionmachining.com/cribsheets.