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Video: Machine Shop President Explains Advantages of Tool Presetters

When contract shop MetalQuest purchased its first multi-spindle, it also purchased a dedicated tool presetter for the machine. Learn why the company president feels shops of all sizes can benefit from measuring tools offline.


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Zoller tool presetter for Index multi-spindle lathe

MetalQuest purchased this tool presetter to measure tools offline for its new multi-spindle lathe. The company president maintains presetters are not just for “big shops.”

As part of the IMTS spark program, I interviewed Scott Harms, president of MetalQuest Unlimited, so he could explain the reasoning behind why his modestly sized contract shop recently added its first multi-spindle, an 8-spindle MS40-8 model from Index.

The full video is worth the watch, but below we cut to one of the most interesting points made IMO. That is, that advanced technology such as the multi-spindle and tool presetters is not just for “big shops.” MetalQuest purchased a Zoller Hyperion tool presetter (its third presetter) specifically for use with the multi-spindle. This presetter has tooling blocks installed on an indexing table, enabling tools to be installed in the same orientation as they would in the machine. It also offers automated tool measurement and has Y-axis movement to enable center height adjustments of boring bars, for example.

Do you agree with him that small shops can benefit from presetters as he maintains here? I do.


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