9/22/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

3D Printing Website Focuses on Industrial Applications Related to Functional Parts

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This new website, updated multiple times per week, reports on the promise of additive manufacturing as well as the pitfalls.


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The current buzz in the industry is 3D printing. This new technology is being explored by editors here are Gardner Business Media through a website and print publication called Additive Manufacturing. This website is devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing and digital layering technology to make functional parts. It speaks to a manufacturing audience and explores the use of additive manufacturing to make tooling, molds and functional prototypes, along with the ultimate aim of manufacturers: end-use production parts.

The website reports on the promise of additive manufacturing in these applications as well as reporting the pitfalls. Staff members write about successes with additive manufacturing and the hard roads that led to those successes.

New content is added to this site multiple times per week to keep visitors as informed as the site's editors. 

As mentioned, Additive Manufacturing is also a print publication that was launced in 2012 by Modern Machine Shop editor Pete Zelinski. Additive Manufacturing grows up from the small supplement of MMS to a full-size quarterly magazine beginning wtih the October issue. 

Visitors to the AM website can sign up for AM magazine and/or the e-newsletter by clicking here. 

Enjoy browsing the site and learning a lot about industrial 3D printing. If you want to kick the tires even more, attend this year's Additive Manufacturing Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, October 20-21. Unlike other 3D printing events, AMC 2015 is focused on production manufacturing, not prototyping.