A Story of Growth and Innovation during Hard Times

Two sisters successfully carry on their father’s business during the Great Recession.


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Stacey and Sara are owners of Bales Metal Surface Solutions.

Stacey Bales, co-owner of Bales Metal Surface Solutions in Downers Grove, Illinois, often hears complaints from other business owners about how business is slow. She thinks to herself, “Do something about it. Market yourself. Don’t give up.”

Ms. Bales and her sister, Sara Mortensen, are businesswomen who have earned the respect of the manufacturing community. After taking over their father’s business when he passed away suddenly in 2009, during the Great Recession, they have grown the company. They recently picked up a business excellence award from a Chicago newspaper because of their tremendous growth, innovation, entrepreneurship and contribution to their community.

To read the full story about the sisters’ gritty determination, periods of grief, savvy business skills and an unstoppable work ethic, visit “The Bales Girls are Making Dad Proud,” and look for this article in the September 2015 issue of PM.