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Emerging Leader Aaron Wiegel Pushes for Next Gen Workforce Development



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The entire manufacturing community is affected by skilled worker shortages, but not everyone is actively involved in doing something about it. There are some who stand out in the crowd, though, such as Aaron Wiegel, president of Wiegel Tool Works Inc., who has led his company to growth, while contributing much of his time to promote manufacturing and break misconceptions about the industry.    

Aaron has developed training programs for the next generation workforce for manufacturing and has been an ambassador for manufacturing to students interested in a trade. He has served on the board of directors for banks and manufacturing associations and was the most recent chairman of the board of directors of the Technology and Manufacturing Association, representing about 1,000 member companies.

Aaron started working at Wiegel Tool Works when he was in grade school, and in January 2001, he officially joined the family business his grandfather founded in 1941 and learned the ins and outs of both the shop floor and the office. He became co-owner and president of Wiegel Tool Works in 2010. In partnership with his sister and his brother, Aaron has grown the business, tripled revenues and marked the company’s 75-year anniversary.

In the past year, Aaron established and became president of MSA-Wiegel, an international joint venture created to further add to the company’s manufacturing capabilities and serve customers on a global scale.


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