Hamar Laser Instruments Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Founded in 1967 by Martin Hamar, the company’s inspired designs helped to pioneer the laser alignment industry 50 years ago.

Hamar Laser Instruments Inc.’s the 50th anniversary of the company’s founding in 1967 by Martin Hamar, a Cornell Engineering College graduate and holder of 28 U.S. and foreign patents. From humble beginnings to the global prestige it enjoys today, Hamar Laser represents the quintessential American business success story and continues to be at the forefront of laser alignment technology.

As an enterprising and talented young engineer employed by Perkin-Elmer, Mr. Hamar helped to design the world’s first laser alignment system in the 1960s. 

“From the beginning, my philosophy has always been to provide my customers with a solution to their problems, not simply to sell them alignment equipment,” says Martin Hamar, chairman of the board of Hamar Laser Instruments. “I worked hard to understand my customers’ unique processes and how alignment problems affect them. With this knowledge, I designed practical alignment systems for real-world applications that successfully solved the real alignment problems. This philosophy continues to guide our company after 50 years.”

Hamar began operations in the garage of the family home, meticulously designing and assembling the first alignment system. Today, the Danbury, Connecticut-based enterprise manufactures laser alignment systems that address virtually any alignment challenge, from simple shaft alignment to complex multi-axis, machine tool geometry applications. Hamar Laser serves customers in numerous countries on six continents.

Having worked at Hamar Laser since 1996 and with an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School, Rod Hamar is providing second-generation leadership for the company. 

Today, Hamar Laser is leveraging its five decades of experience and global leadership position to better serve the company’s growing customer base.