CNC Milling Machine is Fitted with Acu-Rite Control System

Originally titled 'CNC Mill is Fitted with Acu-Rite Control System'
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600 UK’s MillPWRG2 CNC milling machine programs parts, manufactures one-offs and small batch components, mills prototype and test components, utilizes the conversational programming system for cutting, and produces parts with 1-µm resolution scales. 


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600 UK’s Clausing MillPWRG2 CNC milling machine is fitted with the Acu-Rite control system from Heidenhain. The milling machine allows users to program complex parts, manufacture one-offs and small batch components, routinely mill prototype and test components, utilize a conversational programming system for cutting, and produce parts first-time with 1-µm resolution scales.

The control uses a 12.1” high resolution screen, displaying graphics in either 2 & 3D line or 3D solid formats. Although conversational programming is used throughout with the addition of an on-board calculator, the MillPWR system allows uploading, editing and running G Code and DXF files, enabling users to transfer and use programs directly to and from the machine, the company says.

Data storage is also industry leading, with 2.5 GB of internal memory and the ability to store and modify up to 99 part programs, all as standard features. For external storage, USB and Ethernet capability are also available as standard.


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