Cutting Tools for Titanium, Aluminum and Composite Aerospace Components

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The company offers a range of Cyclo Cut cutting tools and Cyclo Cool metalworking fluids designed and blended for all aspects of aerospace machining. These tools and fluids have proven capability to increase material removal rates in titanium aerostructures by as much as 300 percent, resulting in faster cycle times, 33-percent cost-per-part reductions and increased tool life, according to the company.
With a portfolio of more than 14,000 tool types, Cyclo Cut products include indexable milling tools, rotary cutting tools and toolholders for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations across titanium, aluminum and composite applications in the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, medical, woodworking, circuit board fabrication and general machining industries. Cyclo Cut cutting tools include a range of solid carbide, brazed carbide, polycrystalline diamond and high speed steel end mills, routers, standard drills, micro and circuit board drills, reamers, keyseat cutters, plunge and chamfer mills, countersinks, saws and files. Cyclo Cut indexable milling tools are specially designed for cutting titanium. Cyclo Cut indexable tools include end mills from 16 mm (0.625 in) to 76 mm (3”) diameter, face mills from 31.75-mm (1.25”) to 508-mm (20”) diameter, and spiral flute mills for high speed cutting from 25-mm (1”) to 127-mm (5”) diameter with cutting speeds of as much as 16,400 sfm.
Cyclo Cool metalworking fluids cover a range of synthetic, semi-synthetic, heavy duty water soluble and straight oils, advance technology fluids and lubricants, along with corrosion inhibitors and minimum quantity lubricants. MAG offers more than 50 blends and formulations for all manufacturing industries and applications, including machining high-strength steel, aerospace titanium, aluminum and other exotic metals. These fluids are formulated for high heat and difficult machining applications and contains a blend of lubricants that bridges the gap between conventional water soluble and straight oils.


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