End Mills Transition to Dormer Brand

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To add to its assortment of cutting tools, Dormer Pramet is expanding its line of Dormer end mills.


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Dormer Pramet will be exhibiting new technology at IMTS 2020 in Chicago this September.

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Dormer Pramet is optimizing its brands to help users make their selections easier. Therefore, the company is focusing the Precision Twist Drill brand on the already established range of drills while transitioning the solid carbide end mills. The Union Butterfield brand will focus on its selection of taps and transition the HSS and HSCo end mills. Additionally, the company has launched a tool on its website for customers to select the brands equivalent of each end mill. 

Along with optimizing all end mills under one brand, the company is expanding the quantity of end mills. This expansion will range to include radius corner and variable helix/pint 4 and 5 flute end mills.


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