5/8/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

MarSurf GD Series Offers Speed, Flexibility and Ease of Use for Roughness Measurement

Originally titled 'Surface Measurement Unit Offers Speed, Flexibility and Ease of Use '
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140- mm and 280-mm sizes enable measurement of applications.


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Mahr Inc.’s MarSurf GD series of surface measuring instruments for roughness measurements provides speed, flexibility and intelligent ease of use, allowing users to improve the manufacturing quality of workpieces with faster throughput and higher accuracy for a range of applications, according to the company. The new MarSurf GD series enables profile and waviness evaluations to be carried out in addition to surface roughness evaluations.

The GD series significantly increases the speed of all moving axes to reduce the cycle time of the measurement process, allowing more throughput, which is particularly valuable when used directly in the production environment. The drive units of the series move the probe with positioning speeds of up to 200 mm/s, making the systems up to 40 times faster than predecessors. All Z-axis columns on the measuring stands of the MarSurf GD series are fully CNC-capable with fast positioning speeds of 50 mm per second.

The MarSurf GD series also offers available sizes of 140 mm and 280 mm. The 280-mm measuring station allows for the measurement of applications that were previously impossible, including larger parts or a series of smaller parts staged together, all on the same machine.

Also, all MarSurf GD series products are equipped with MarWin roughness software. The series features a large mounting plate with 50-mm bore pattern, 60-mm Y adjustment and Z axis of 350 mm or 600 mm. Available with standard probe arm lengths up to 135 mm (3x length) for measuring ranges up 1.5 mm vertically, these instruments also are capable of measuring contour features such as radius, angle or depth within that range. All probe arms feature a quick-change magnetic mount to ensure the fastest change-over time, as well as extra security allowing the probe to “break away” in the event of an accidental collision—protecting both the probe and the system. The GD series also includes an integrated turret to rotate the probe to 90 degrees for transverse measurement and the ability to rotate the probe system 180 degrees to allow “upside down” measurement.


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