Omron Collaborative Robots Automate Repetitive Tasks

Originally titled 'Cobots Automating Repetitive Tasks'
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A solution for automating the most repetitive products tasks is now available from Omron Automation Americas. 


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Omron Automation Americassolution for automating repetitive tasks in manufacturing, TM Series Collaborative Robot, works with humans to enhance productivity and ensure safety. This transportable robot complies with safety requirements for human-robot collaboration specified in ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS 15066. It can be trained to perform many repetitive tasks in any location because of a manual teaching function that enables operators to teach the robot with hand-guidance without the need for software.

Other features include a flow-chart programming interface that is said to be intuitive and quick to set up and an integrated on-arm image system. The image sensing functions include pattern matching, barcode reading, color identification and more. 


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