Walter CBN Grades for Turning Hardened Steel and High-Temperature Superalloys

CBN grades are said to provide users with multiple benefits, including accurate, high quality surfaces, long tool life, and a higher degree of process reliability.


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Walter has introduced CBN grades for improved turning of hardened steel up to 65 HRC. These grades—WBH10C, WBH10, and WBH20—provide users with benefits such as high quality surface finish due to the latest wiper geometry (MW2) and long tool life with TiAlSiN coated CBN grade (WBH10C), according to the company. Inserts with laser etched chipbreaker geometry TM-M2 are also available.

All inserts are ground for process reliability, the company says. These new grades are available in both positive and negative inserts and are suitable for both continuous and interrupted cuts.

Walter has also introduced WBS10, a CBN grade for finishing high-temperature superalloys in either continuous or interrupted cuts. Available in both positive and negative inserts, WBS10 features EM2 microgeometry and superfine grain with ceramic binder.