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As Seen In Production Machining

Validate Worker and Student Inspection Skills with New NIMS Credential
Designed for manufacturers and schools, the new NIMS inspector credential allows a much faster, more efficient performance validation process within the NIMS online structural framework.


Developing STEM's Future Workforce
To keep our competitive edge in the world market, K-12 education must continue to improve in every state. These programs are helping to build a foundation, but we need more to support the growth of our workforce.

coworkers learning about Industry 4.0, standing next to machines

NIMS and Festo Didactic Develop Industry 4.0 Skills Standards
With NIMS’ emphasis on manufacturing skills training, credentialing, and standards, plus Festo’s Industry 4.0 learning factories, courseware and eLearning integration, the two organizations are well poised to provide the training programs for Industry 4.0.

CAM programming

New Initiatives Help Advance NIMS’ Mission
The organization has debuted a new testing platform, as well as pilot programs for CAM and Machine, Maintenance, Service and Repair (MMSR) credentials.

TMA awards ceremony

2018 Precision Machining Competition Honors Students
Mazak’s Midwest Technology Center hosted the 27th annual 2018 Precision Machining Competition, which honors excellence in precision machining skills among Illinois high school students, the evening of Thursday, May 10.

Machining Competition Reaches Out to Young Talent
Mazak Corp. hosted this year’s annual TMA precision machining competition for high school students at its Midwest Technical Center in Illinois.

Accelerating Future Leaders in Manufacturing
NIMS hosts a series of apprenticeship accelerator workshops where industry professionals can learn more about developing, implementing and registering an apprenticeship program.

NIMS Wins Federal Contract to Grow Apprenticeships in Manufacturing
Initiative will enable more companies to provide students and workers with skills for success.

Trade Associations Stepping Up to Apprenticeship Plate
AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology is partnering with NIMS, the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, to support expansion of registered apprenticeships within manufacturing.

NIMS Announces Industry Standard for CAM
Developed over the course of a year-long, nationwide validation process, with more than 125 experts from companies who use a variety of CAM software, the standards define the competencies and skills expected by industry for entry-level CAM positions.

First Industry Standard for CAM Manufacturing Workforce
Standards Define Competencies and Skills Needed for Entry-Level CAM Positions

NIMS and Gene Haas Foundation Announce Scholarships
The program will provide scholarships to high-achieving SkillsUSA students showcasing their skills at the 2016 National Leadership and Skills Conference.

Video: NIMS Online Tool Explains Credentials for Each Career Level
The “NIMS Career Pathway Tool” is designed to help employers, job seekers and educators understand the numerous career paths available in the industry.

The Good Word on NIMS from the Gene Haas Foundation
“The growth and passion I have seen in in manufacturing education and credentialing in only a short time has been amazing.”

NIMS Opens New Gene Haas Education Center
On-site center will provide direct training to educators and businesses using NIMS.

NIMS is Awarded Funding to Advance Manufacturing Workforce
NIMS new funding in partnership with the National Network of Business and Industry Associations (National Network), an effort led by Business Roundtable and ACT Foundation, aimed at advancing skills, training and talent development for the precision manufacturing industry.

NIMS Announces New Staff Leadership
NIMS three new staff members have been added to the organization's growing team. Each new leader will oversee key business activities and initiatives.  Shelby Hill has joined the NIMS team as a customer service representative.

NIMS Works to Develop Apprenticeship Programs
Cross-sector, public-private partnerships will prepare more students and workers for success in high-demand manufacturing careers.

Autodesk and NIMS Partner to Advance the 21st Century CAM Manufacturing Workforce
Autodesk Inc. and the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) are partnering to develop CAM standards and credentials.

NIMS and Gene Haas Foundation Announce Scholarships for Young Manufacturing Talent
The 2015 GHF-NIMS-SkillsUSA Scholarship Program awarded more than $200,000 in scholarship funds to students who competed in three manufacturing events at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) in Louisville, Kentucky, June 22-26.

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