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Technical Member Profile: Chicago Extruded Metals Co.
Chicago Extruded Metals Company (CXM) is a leading manufacturer of extruded brass shapes in rod, bar and wire.

Lead-Free Brass Alloys
Chicago Extruded Metals Company’s BioBrass is a family of non-leaded brass alloys that conforms to the latest North American plumbing standards. Lead has typically been added to brass to improve its machining properties.

Horizontal Continuous Casting
The company offers horizontal continuous casting and indirect extrusion to manufactured extruded products with consistent geometries, features and properties. Extruded shapes are manufactured to exceed ASTM standards. Precision saws add value by turning shapes into nearer-net components, the company says.

CXM Extruded Brass Shapes brochure

Extruded Brass Shapes Literature
• Read about Chicago Extruded Metals’ quality commitment and why the company offers brass as its metal of choice •   Contains ordering information, alloy selection criteria, value-added service and manufacturing information .

Brass extrusion

The Case For Extruded Brass Shapes
Thanks to advances in extrusion technology, the old metrics for using near-net shaped brass stock are changing. The production advantages of extrusions are now more cost effective.

Brass Shapes, Rod, Bar and Wire
The CXM color brochure covers company history and service, a background on brass parts and its benefits as well as ordering information, manufacturing, alloy selection criteria, value-added services and extruded shapes.

Finding Brass
The folder contains information on brass. The company combines the performance features of brass with extruded shape expertise. The company gives reasons why brass should be used versus other materials.

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Brass & Copper Alloys
Other Non-Ferrous Materials